Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Cafe Abiquiu - Abiquiu, NM

Northern New Mexico is Georgia O'Keeffe country. She had two homes there: a summer home 12 miles from Abiquiu at the edge of what was then and is now known as Ghost Ranch, which provided beautiful landscapes she used in her paintings, and a larger home in Abiquiu. In Santa Fe, 48 miles from Abiquiu, there is a museum dedicated solely to O'Keeffe's work. 

The day after visiting the Museum in Santa Fe, we drove out to Ghost Ranch and were wowed by the beautiful scenery. I can see why O'Keefe would stay there and use it as inspiration. 

Then we drove to Cafe Abiquiu, which is part of a hotel and the Georgia O'Keefe home and studio (which were closed due to Covid while we were there) and drove and walked the grounds admiring the art work (from area artists) that is on the grounds and which is for sale. 

Finally, we had a very nice lunch. The inside of the hotel/cafe has art for sale from other artists, as well jewelry and pottery. The cafe menu is creative and different which I always appreciate. 

Beautiful doors on the cafe patio. 

A painted horse (for sale) on the cafe patio. 

Elote dip (three cheese Oaxacan street corn) with chips. It was delicious. 

Thick cut fries with red chile and cheese. I wish I'd gotten the garlic and cotija cheese instead, but this was okay. 

Tamale cake Napoleon (polenta cakes, mashed avocado, pico de gallo and chipotle cream). The menu noted it was inspired by O'Keeffe. The polenta was slightly sweet and moist, I really liked it. 

Judy got crispy blue corn trout tacos with grilled trout, chipotle cream, shredded romaine, cheese and pico de gallo. This was also inspired by O'Keeffe. 

A very rich and delicious chocolate tart. 
Having immersed ourselves in Georgia O'Keeffe, it was very fun and significant to eat near her home and at the cafe inspired by her. I would definitely eat here again if given the opportunity. 

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