Saturday, January 2, 2021

Cooper's Hawk

I've posted on Cooper's hawks previously: here, and here

What spurred this post was my extraordinary New Year's Day walk yesterday where I saw a peregrine falcon, several red-tailed hawks and a Cooper's hawk, included in this post, which allowed us to walk right underneath the tree it was in, as well as some other birds. 

The tree the Cooper's was in is just about 30 yards from the tree the Cooper's were nesting in in my first post and a tree that I believe some barn owls were nesting in this past year. Cooper's eat other birds and my second post shows one with a bird in it's talons in our back yard. 

On October 24 last year Judy and I were hiking east of where we normally hike and we saw a Cooper's in a tree from above and got a little different perspective of it. Those photos follow:

Finally, a range map from All About Birds. 

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  1. Interesting camouflage in the last two photos, and I love the in-flight photo.