Monday, January 25, 2021

American Avocet

I did a post on an American avocet I saw near Alamosa, Colorado in August 2014. It was in breeding plumage with a rusty head and neck. In January 2021 I was at the Salton Sea State Recreation Area in southeastern California and saw several avocets in their more-drab non-breeding plumage: the rusty head and neck is a more drab gray and white. 

Grayish/blue legs visible while it dives.
One of the more fun characteristics is a very long, thin bill that is upturned at the end. 

I was also a little surprised about how large they are in comparison to other birds. 
Next to a black-necked stilt. 

Next to a blue-winged teal. 


  1. It looks like its beak got caught in the door and bent out of shape. Very weird.

  2. Reminds me of the birds on Rosarito beach.