Monday, June 22, 2020

Western Chuckwalla

With another visit to Corn Springs in the Chuckwalla Mountains last Saturday, it was not surprising that I found three more chuckwallas, all found within a very small distance from each other. My visits to Corn Springs have been a treasure trove of knowledge about chuckwallas which I have loved from my youth. 

The first was sunning itself on a rock above me while I followed the nature trail at Corn Springs. It did not seem fazed by my movement and never ducked for cover. 

The chuckwallas here seem very old and grizzled. They are absolutely amazing looking. 
The next chuckwalla was only about 25 yards from the first chuckwalla.
This is when I first saw it, from the side.
From a different angle. 
And from another angle. 
Finally, I saw the next chuckwalla quite close to the second one, but further up on the highest rock in the area. 

I really love these lizards. It is a joy to see so many of them so close together. 

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  1. Until I saw a one with my own eyes, I did not realize what interesting lizards these are. In most pictures, the coloring in photos looks more or less like the rocks they live among, but the coloring in your first few photos and the chuckwalla I saw really is pretty dramatic. Then there is that prehistoric face--very wizened and wise. I understand your fascination a little better now.