Friday, March 22, 2019

White-Breasted Kingfisher

The white-breasted kingfisher, also known as the white-throated kingfisher and tree kingfisher, is found in Asia and has six subspecies. We saw Halcyon smyrnensis fusca, which is found in western India and Sri Lanka. 

It has a bright blue back, wings and tail. Its head, shoulder, flanks and lower belly are chestnut and the throat and breast are white.  The bill and legs are bright red. The subspecies vary in size and in the shade of blue on the mantle. The Sri Lankan suspecies tends to be smaller then the nominate subspecies, bluer, and with a darker brown underside. 
The front-side is very different from the backside. 
They are small, but stand out at great distances because of the bright blue color. 
I photographed this bird in Yala National Park, in southern Sri Lanka, near a small waterhole. Our driver did a nice job of driving around so that we get could photos of both sides of this kingfisher. 
Eating a bee, fly or some other small insect. 
This kingfisher was at the base of Sigiriya Rock. 

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