Friday, March 29, 2019

Sri Lanka Gray Hornbill

The Sri Lanka gray hornbill is endemic to Sri Lanka and the Wikipedia article says they are common. However, our guide Sanjay belied that, indicating they are difficult to find. He was happy when we saw and photographed one at Anuradhapura our first day. I did not get another photo the rest of the trip and only saw a few others in fleeting glimpses. 
This immature bird has grayer underparts and looks thinner than the hornbills I see in other photos.
It has a gray back and wings, white underparts, a brown crown, a blackish tail with white sides and a curved bill with no casque. Males have a cream colored bill and females have a very cool black bill with a cream stripe. Immature birds, like what I saw, have dark gray upperparts, a cream bill and a tail with a white tip. 
I love hornbills and this is another bird I really wanted to see on our trip. 

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  1. This bird has such weird proportions and an almost vulture-like shoulder structure.