Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mashed Potatoes, Veggies and Seal

One of my previous posts showed some bottled seal meat and mentioned that it was very dense and not very flavorful. Bottled meat is a way to preserve large quantities of meat made available by hunting.
These are large chunks of seal meat out of the bottle. 
I wanted to see if the seal meat would be more palatable when added as an ingredient to a dish. I made some mashed potatoes as a base, and added butter (and cream cheese to some). 

Judy chopped an onion, a red pepper and some carrots which I sauteed in a pan with some olive oil, adding a healthy dose of cayenne pepper to give it a kick. Toward the end I added frozen corn, frozen peas and some of the bottled seal, chopped up into smaller pieces.
The seal meat was chopped into smaller chunks. 
The seal meat was added to the wok toward the end of frying. 
The mashed potatoes were formed into a little bowl and the chopped veggies and seal were added on top. 
My first batch of potatoes and fried vegetables and seal meat. 
My second batch. The difference was that I added cream cheese to the mashed potatoes. I liked it better. The mashed potatoes provided a rich background for the veggies and meat. 
The seal meat was transformed into something else entirely. There was no bland denseness. It took on some of the flavor of the frying and had a much more pleasant texture. I quite liked it and looked forward to left overs for my dinner several days later.  

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  1. The mashed potatoes were divine. To me, the seal had a bit of organ meat flavor and texture.