Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Impala Steak

When I was planning our trip to Africa and researching where to find wild game to eat I don't recall reading about impala. So our first night in Cape Town when we ate at Karibu and had an impala steak as part of our safari platter, I was surprised. 
A male impala in Hwange NP, Zimbabwe.
Female impalas in Hwange, NP.
I was even more surprised when we had an opportunity to compare it side by side with kudu and springbok and it was the best tasting of the antelope meats. It was most tender and the best tasting. 
Impala is one of the steaks on the left side of the plate, along with kudu and springbok.
The three steaks are cut open and the impala is on the right. 
We had two more opportunities to try impala later on the trip. 

At Carnivore Restaurant, outside Johannesburg, we had impala and I recall it was good, but was really focused on the zebra, which is for another post. 
This is a horrible picture of the impala meat at Carnivore. It was very dark.
Then at The Boma in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, we had some more very good impala. 
Two slices of impala (front) at The Boma. 
If cooked carefully (not over-cooked), impala is some of the best wild game meat there is.  

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  1. You would think the antelope meats would taste about the same, but they vary quite a bit.