Friday, August 10, 2018

White-Crowned Plover

On our Sundowner cruise on the Zambezi River outside of Victoria Falls I photographed a bird I've not seen before - the white-crowned plover, also known as the white-crowned lapwing and white-headed plover or lapwing. 
My photo of the white-crowned plover. It has the brown as gray and the gray as blue. 
At least the wattles are the right color. 
The photos are horrible (taken with a 500 mm lense in low light), but because it is such a fun bird I have to show them and then give a couple of better pictures I've borrowed to really show you what it looks like. 
White-crowned plover (from Wikipedia)
White-crowned plover (from here).
It has a brown back, white underparts, black wings and tail, a gray head with a white crown and fore-neck and a bill (tipped with black) and facial wattles that are yellow. 

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