Thursday, August 2, 2018

Cape Cormorant

The Cape cormorant is endemic to the coasts of Southern Africa. It is found along the coast from northern Namibia, down around the Cape and up along the coast of eastern South Africa. 
Cape cormorant in Kalk Bay, South Africa
It has black, or greenish-black plumage, an orange-yellow bill base and greenish-blue eyes. 
I'm sure I saw more, but I only photographed one, at Kalk Bay, South Africa, on a wharf near where we ate lunch. It almost looks like it is covered in mud or oil, lacking the shiny black sheen it is supposed to have, but the orange bill-base and greenish-blue eyes cement its identification. 

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  1. Great photo. That eye and the beak patch are almost shocking in the context of the dull plumage, and the bent beak tip is also very unique.