Friday, September 1, 2017

Red Dragon Fruit

C. c. Claudia of Exotic Fruit Market gave us a dragon fruit to try. I'd eaten dragon fruit once before and it had a white flesh with tiny black seeds. I cut into this new dragon fruit at breakfast time intending to put it in my oatmeal and was shocked to find a deep red flesh with tiny black seeds. 
Red dragon fruit cut in half.
I was so excited I called Judy and my daughter, Rachael, in to have a look and we all ended up taking pictures of it. None of us had ever seen a red-fleshed dragon fruit. 
We all agreed that the red-fleshed variety is sweeter than the white-fleshed variety and it is stunningly red. When I put chunks of it in my oatmeal with blueberries it dominated the bowl looks-wise. 

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  1. This felt like the ultimate luxury in fresh fruit. Its rich red color, the sweet taste, and the exotic nature combined to make a wonderfully decadent treat.