Sunday, September 3, 2017

Grilled Camel Loin

I've had quite a bit of camel now: (a) salami; (b) sausage; (c) sausage hotdogs; (d) ribs; (e) milk; (f) milk chocolate; (g) ribeye steak; (h) filet mignon; (i) ground; (j) loin; (k) hump fat; and (l) sweet and sour in a restaurant in Beijing, China.  It is probably my favorite, for the most part, of all the unusual meats I've tried. 

Camel loin is among my favorite of any meat I've ever tried, including high end beef steak. A while back I got a beautiful marbled camel loin from Exotic Meat Market. It is the best of the best. I spread it out on a tray usually reserved for a turkey and it overlapped the plate. 
It was marbled as nicely as some of the wagyu I've seen. But unlike the wagyu, this was coming from a wild Australian camel that has eaten naturally. 

No extra preparation was taken and none was needed. Put on a little oil, salt and pepper, then put it on the outdoor grill and cook medium rare. 

If you've ever got a family gathering, or a party with friends and want to serve something that is great, easy to prepare, and also a conversation piece, this is it. Plain, simple, exotic, and flavorful. 

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  1. I would have to say that camel is my favorite of your exotic meats.