Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kirsh Bakery & Kitchen - New York City

While in New York we had breakfast with an old friend from Redlands who now works in New York for a publisher. We met her at Kirsh Bakery & Kitchen on Amsterdam Avenue, not too far from where she lives. I actually found some street parking about a block away as my confidence in driving in New York increased. 
Kirsh is owned by Dan and Anat Kirsh who also own a brasserie in Jerusalem. French toast is their specialty dish. 

Our friend recommended what we ordered and ate. I had the Savory French Toast with bacon, Swiss cheese and eggs and maple syrup. It was quite good.
Judy had the Sweet French Toast with mascarpone cream and mixed berry jam. I did not like hers as much, particularly the mascarpone cream which was not sweet enough. I much preferred my sweet maple syrup. 
Our friend got the Healthy Breakfast with egg whites, avocado, salad, yogurt and wheat germ toast. It looked okay. 
Overall, it was quite good, but not so good that I feel like I'd like to go back. 

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  1. I liked this place more than you did. Maybe I was sidetracked by the beautiful presentation, the plentiful servings, and the great company, but I thought my selection was quite good.