Sunday, July 16, 2017

75 Day Dry-Aged Tomahawk Wagyu - Sous Vide and Grilled or Fried

This may be the best piece of meat I will ever eat. Anshu Pathak of Exotic Meat Market, the king of meat, knew I was looking for a good dry-aged ribeye. He called and let me know that he had a 75 day dry-aged wagyu tomahawk steak. 

This had everything I would ever want in a steak: (a) it was aged well beyond the 45 days that I'd wanted to try; (b) it was a ribeye and thus naturally fatter than the New Yorks that he personally favors; and (c) it was Australian wagyu, a naturally fatter and higher quality beef. 

Because it was so thick, I decided to cook it sous vide so that it would cook evenly throughout. I decided to follow my recipe for sous vide bison filet which is fabulous. So I sawed the handle off the tomahawk so that I could fit the ribeye into a vacuum sealed bag and included salt, pepper and butter with it. I cooked the ribeye and the handle at a water temperature of 55 degrees centigrade for a little over three hours. 

The ribeye, just out of the sous vide bag.
Afterwards, I cut it into pieces and fried part of it in a hot frying pan with butter for several minutes on each side and part of it on my outdoor grill at a very high temperature for several minutes on each side. Both were good, but I think I liked the pan fried version best.
Note how uniformly it is cooked inside.
You can see from the pictures that the meat was cooked uniformly throughout and the frying/grilling gave it a nice outer crust. It was butter soft, moist, fatty and fabulously flavored. Just about perfect. 

I'm sorry for so many pictures, but it really was an amazing steak. 

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