Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Camel Salami

I'm gradually making my way through the salamis offered by Exotic Meat Market. I've had emu, alligator, kangaroo, river otter and rabbit. Next up is camel
These camels were photographed in Kenya not too far from Buffalo Springs National Reserve. They were part of a captive herd by local tribesmen. 
Camel has become one of my favorite meats. The camel loin we had recently ranks right up there with good cuts of prime beef. The camel salami was not a disappointment. I gave some to my son, Sam, and his response was, "it tastes like regular salami." I cut a number of slices off the stick for dinner on Sunday and Judy kept going over to the plate and plopping slices in her mouth while she was preparing dinner. Forget the origin, it is just good. 
camel salami
It is entirely camel, including the fat. 


  1. What? Me? Sneaking slices? That must have been someone else.

  2. Having ridden one, don't you feel like your eating your horse :D?