Friday, November 18, 2016

Alligator Salami

I had my second exotic salami from Exotic Meat Market and I've become a big fan of it. Salami is a cured sausage which has fermented and air-dried meat. Typical ingredients in salami include garlic, minced fat, salt, white pepper, vinegar, wine and various herbs. The raw meat mixture is usually fermented for a day, then stuffed in a casing and hung to cure. 
An alligator in Everglades NP.
Alligator salami
I previously tried river otter salami, and this time I had alligator salami. Unlike otter meat, which I was not particularly fond of, I love alligator meat, and correspondingly, the alligator salami was much better too. The otter salami has added camel fat, but the alligator salami is 100% alligator, with added alligator fat. Alligator is very mild, but the salami, with the added spices is much richer and stronger tasting, in a very nice way. The salami can last a long time before spoiling. I've been cutting off an occasional slice or two of the alligator salami for over a month and it still tastes wonderful. 
It is a great starter for someone trying exotic meat for the first time. No cooking is involved, it is relatively cheap, it lasts a long time and it has great flavor. 


  1. You might call this a "gateway drug" for exotic meats.

  2. Some people cut slices off of their marzipan bar kept in their fridge, others cut alligator.