Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ground Elk, Avocado and Egg Breakfast

When we spent several days with our family near Buena Vista, Colorado in August I found some ground elk patties in the health food store in Buena Vista (along with buffalo steaks and goat ground meat). I'd not had ground elk before so could not resist. 
For breakfast one morning I browned an onion in some oil, then mashed up the ground elk with the onion and some corn kernels cut off corn on the cob from the night before.  I'd previously taken a number of avocados and mashed them into guacamole. 
Ground elk patties.
Corn kernels from corn on the cob.
Onion, corn and elk in the frying pan.
After the onion, corn and elk mixture was finished I placed a serving on individual plates, then layered the top of it with guacamole. Then fried eggs over-easy to place on top of the guacamole. 
Moist, different textures and flavors.
It made for a very nice and hardy breakfast.  The egg yolk, avocado and meat went well together. There is not much fat in elk, so the oil in the fried onions, the avocado and egg yolk some moisture and flavor. It made a great combination.  

I really love the options of meat other than beef, chicken and pork. 


  1. Classic Cannon Family dish--a bit of everything. It was tasty.

  2. Looks great, gotta try it, I have some spare avocados.