Friday, September 6, 2013

Grilled Bluefin Fatty Tuna or Toro

My partner, Michael, was out fishing off of San Diego and brought some fresh bluefin tuna to work. In particular, he saved the belly meat for me, the part known as fatty tuna or toro. You pay a premium for toro when purchasing sashimi. I've had a number of experiences with toro, including some I've blogged about (fresh at  Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, store bought in Los Angeles, and fresh caught bluefin caught by Michael previously).
Bluefin tuna belly meat
Belly meat cut in half.
I came home for lunch with it and decided to grill half of it on our outdoor gas grill and half on or George Foreman Grill. I spread olive oil on the outside, and salt and pepper. I really loved how the George Foreman Grill cooked it. It got crispy on both sides and cooked quite quickly. Because of the large fat content, I cooked it longer than I normally would and actually liked it fully cooked, better than leaving a good portion raw in the middle. The cooking liquidated the fat and made it very tasty, very moist. 
Cooking on the George Foreman Grill.
A partially cooked piece.
Still quite raw in the middle.

A fully cooked piece.
Inside the fully cooked piece. It was still very moist and juicy.
I prepared both halves the same way, but the tuna cooked on the outdoor grill had a different taste. I cooked it on indirect heat and there was something about the way it crisped up on the George Foreman Grill that added to the taste. I ended up putting some of the tuna cooked on the outdoor grill on to the George Foreman Grill to finish it off. 
Off the outdoor grill.
It was a wonderful delicacy, something I hope to have again. 

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  1. Really, really yummy. I also preferred the indoor cooking to the outdoor grill, although both were very flavorful.