Thursday, September 26, 2013

Broiled Buffalo Ribs

I recently did a post on cooking buffalo short ribs, sous vide. While I was at Whisper Mountain Ranch in Oak Glen I also bought a few other cuts of buffalo, including additional ribs. 
I've previously had buffalo ribs in Jack Daniels at the Fort in Colorado, which were overwhelmed by the sauce; buffalo ribs marinated in barbecue sauce from Whole Foods which were decent; and buffalo ribs in Estes Park which I still dream about, the first time they came with barbecue sauce and were very good and the next day I got them without the barbecue sauce and they were fantastic.  

For these, I decided to cook them simply and quickly. I brushed on olive oil, rubbed on some Char-Broil All Purpose Rub  and then broiled them in the oven. The broiling went quickly, the rub added nice flavor but did not overwhelm the natural taste and they were pretty tender and juicy. I had a smaller set and a larger set. The larger set I cooked a little longer and they were less rare. I liked the rarer ones a little more. 

I prefer the buffalo to beef. It is less fatty, it has a slightly stronger flavor and the bones seem a little meatier. 

Broiling is a better way to cook them than barbecuing. I liked these more than any I've had, including the short-ribs, sous vide, other than the ribs I had in Estes Park, and I think they were bigger and meatier. I'm thinking I'm going to buy more ribs when they are available. They are very simple and a very nice treat. 

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