Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Moose Sausage

In a recent order of meat from Exotic Meat Market, I received a nice gift from the proprietor, Anshu Pathak: a moose sausage.
Moose near Mt. Timpanogas, above Utah Valley
The moose meat was a gift to him from a friend and he cannot legally sell the moose meat, so he gave it away. I've eaten moose meat once before, a gift from a client. I found it to be one of the best wild meats I've tasted. I grilled the sausage and the extra spice in the sausage combined with the wonderful mild moose flavor made for a very tasty treat. 
moose sausage
moose sausage


  1. Tasty, but sadly becoming something of a rarity. In Canada Moose have been on the run both from ticks and hunters after this exotic meat. We seem to be getting more and more American hunters joining the domestic ones in going after what truly is a tasty animal. I almost wish you had not posted this because of the publicity it might get for our declining ungulate friends.

    Moose meat, by the way, while tasting out of this world, is not very nutritious. One would become malnourished on a diet largely based on it, which is why the Cree and Algonquins often had to seek out more than a single animal for their sustenance, unlike more southerly and westerly peoples who could thrive off of the much more nutritious buffalo. Water lilies, which the Moose eat in abundance almost to the point of exclusivity, are the iceberg lettuce of the wild it seems.

    1. Thanks, some interesting information. I would not have thought of water lilies as not being nutritious and the moose certainly don't seem to have their growth stunted. I do hope that conservation efforts will continue to help them to extend their current ranges. An amazing animal.