Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Grilled Goat Tenderloin

Rachael got a sous vide (water based) cooker which is supposed to be good for cooking lean meat. To try it out, I bought a couple of goat tenderloins. I've tried goat on a number of occasions and I find that unless it is marinated quite awhile and cooked slowly, it can be really tough. This would be a perfect meat to see what magic the sous vide could perform.
Two 8 ounce goat tenderloins.
Unfortunately, our freezer door was left ajar and we found ourselves with a bunch of defrosting meat, including our goat tenderloins. Rachael and her sous vide were not available, so I put olive oil on the tenderloins, salted them and tossed them on our outdoor gas grill. 
Grilled goat tenderloins.
It turns out the sous vide was not necessary. This goat was moist, juicy and very tender. It has a stronger flavor than beef, a taste I would take over beef anytime. The sous vide would not have been a good test on this goat. This goat would have made the sous vide seem like a miracle worker, when in fact it was just some really good cuts of goat. 
Moist, tender, flavorful.

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