Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Split Spit-Roasted Pig

While in Split, Croatia we visited the market right outside of Diocletian's Palace. I spotted a small shop selling spit-roasted meats and a roasted pig laid out length-wise along the front counter. 
Spit-roasted pg
It called to me  and I had to respond. I told the proprietor I wanted some and she pulled the pig off the counter, cut off the head and limbs, then the body in half, then the halves into sections. I ordered half a kilo and asked the proprietor for permission to photograph her and her masterpiece and she proudly complied. 

We went back to our hotel room for lunch with this roasted pig and some other delectables purchased from the market and this roasted wonder far from disappointed. Whatever the outside had been marinated with was salty and mixed wonderfully with the crunchy roasted skin and the warm, fatty, tender meat inside. 
I have had some variations of whole roasted pig (one we barbecued over wood for a father's and son's outing, a multi-course dinner at Ford's Filling Station, and a hickory smoked suckling wild boar) and this was another fantastic variation. 

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  1. Definitely some of the most flavorful, tender pork I have ever had anywhere. You need to draw a diagram of the market so that if we ever go back, we can find her again.