Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dalmatian Algyroides (Blue Throated Keeled Lizard)

The Dalmatian algyroides, also known as the blue throated keeled lizard is found along the eastern Adriatic coastal region, a little into coastal Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, southern Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, western Greece and two isolated populations in Macedonia (see map). One of those isolated populations in Macedonia, near Skopje, is where we saw this beautiful lizard. It was near Lake Matka, while hiking up the side of the mountain to St. Nicholas Church. One of the prettiest lizards I've ever seen. 
From the top, the orange sides are barely visible and the head has a hint of blue.
From the side, the orange and blue jump out at you. 
Close up you can see the keeled scales which give it part of its name. 

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  1. Very unusual critter. It was something I would expect to see in a zoo rather than on a pile of dead leaves.