Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Peking Goose

We had our firm Christmas party at Lotus Garden this year and I asked them if they would cook a goose Peking duck style. I love their Peking duck and we have had them previously cook a special occasion roast goose. Goose is not normally on their menu, but they located a fresh 11+ pound goose in Los Angeles and picked it up specially for our party. They brought out the goose as the beginning course of our meal and I loved the presentation: 
it looked like it was swimming on the plate, webbed feet, wings, head and neck all still attached. 
The chef came out and carved the goose in front of us, 
placing a little meat with skin, 
scallion and hoison sauce on a crepe for each person in our party. 
The finished product.
From a taste standpoint, the goose can't compete with duck. The goose is not as tender or flavorful. But the overall effect, the presentation, the carving and the food itself, amounted to a wonderful addition to our Christmas party. And almost as fun as the bird, a group of about five Lotus Garden cooks and waiters lined up and sang a Christmas song for us in Chinese strangled English which was hilarious and we responded with good humored laughter and clapping. I'm sure the rest of the patrons in the restaurant were wondering what was going on. I love restaurants, like Lotus Garden, that are willing to make an extra effort to make a gathering special.  


  1. I don't know, I kinda like my food to look more "dead" while I watch it get carved up for consumption. I've got to give them points for creativity, however. It was a fun dinner.

  2. not used to seeing a goose presented whole like that.

  3. Just my two cents, I hope you enjoyed the goose.