Sunday, November 21, 2010

Roast Goose

It is approaching Thanksgiving and time when goose is available. I talked with my friend, Wing Lau, about getting Lotus Garden, a San Bernardino Chinese restaurant, to cook us a roast goose. Wing contacted Lotus Garden and arranged for them to cook a goose that Wing purchased from Albertsons and delivered to them a day early. Four of us, also including Eddie Ngo and Ernie Wong, met there for lunch on Friday. We had half of the goose along with some other foods. I was a little disappointed that the goose was not as flavorful as I'd hoped it would be and perhaps a little overdone. Lotus Garden makes an incredible Peking duck and this wasn't in the same ballpark. That maybe something we'll have to try in the future - Peking duck style.
I took the other half of the goose with me on a campout with the Boy Scouts to the Mecca Hills Friday night.
We warmed it up in a frying pan and the boys had a chance to try it. This was an addition to the hot dogs and chili which was on the menu (quite a contrast to the scrambled eggs and shrimp and bok choy and beef which we'd had at Lotus Garden). Most, if not all, of the boys tried it and liked it.
At least one of the boys had tried the barbequed goose I cooked for a campout at Corn Springs  a year or two ago. It was a little more moist and flavorful. It was still very fun to try and eat despite not living up to all of my over-sized expectations.

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  1. I'm sure MOST scout camp outs include roast goose, aren't you? (And you wonder why Bob gets invited along...)