Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Russian Sausage

One of my biggest surprises about Russia was how much the Russians love sausage. 
When we visited a Costco type warehouse on the outskirts of Moscow we saw many feet of aisle space devoted to sausage. 
Look at the variety within just a small cross-section of the sausage.
I was reminded of our visit to France when we visited a Carrefour in Caen and were shocked by the vast assortment of cheese. We bought three small packages 
of very different types of sausage, 
along with some bread and cheese, and ate it in our hotel in Moscow that night. The sausages were very different from each other in looks and taste. 
Before leaving Moscow, several days later, we had another opportunity to visit a grocery store. There again, the variety of sausage 
in this much smaller store was astounding. 
I knew the Germans love sausage, but I think the Russians take it to another level. 
I would love to buy many different types and taste and compare, 
but unless I can find a way to spend more time there, it is not going to happen. So I need to content myself with the sight of the array of sausages and appreciate the fact that there are cultures so much different than ours which have so much to offer. 


  1. Whaddaya mean we're not going to spend more time in Russia? (Note that I said WE.) I'm ready!

  2. Soo many things to do, not enough time. Seems that is always the dilema on vacation.

  3. Those sausages bring back memories!