Monday, August 8, 2011

Cheese: Double Milk Melange

Judy recently purchased a double milk melange cheese from Trader Joe's that I really love. 
"Double milk" and "melange" refer to the fact that it is a mixture of two kinds of milk: cow and goat. In that respect it reminded me of Iberico cheese which is a mixture of cow (50%), goat (30%) and sheep milk (10%), with the remaining 10% some mixture of one or more of the three. I found that I loved the Iberico cheese aged six months (which I felt had a predominant sheep milk taste), but was not terribly fond of the Iberico aged four months. I was not able to find any on-line information about this cheese, such as where it was produced or what kind of a mixture it has. But I do LOVE the cheese. 
It has a nice, soft texture, is very smooth and goatie, but not overwhelmingly so. I would guess that it has a higher percentage of goat milk in it than Iberico. And, I really like the logo with the cow and goat (which looks more like a sheep) shaking hands. 

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  1. not a regular cheese consumer but this was my first pick at trader joes and i love this. this cheese has stand out quality and there's a natural milky aftertaste unlike the cheese you buy everyday from sandwiches, bought my second one, kinda pricey if i keep eating this.