Monday, February 7, 2011

Red Banana

Red bananas are supposed to have superior flavor to yellow bananas and cost substantially more. 
They are more frail and short-lived than the yellow varieties and most don't make it to the United States, they are generally found in the Caribbean and Asia where they are grown. 
The color of the banana skin can go from orange or reddish brown to maroon or purple. 
The flesh is cream to light pink 
and the flesh is supposed to have a strawberry or slight-raspberry taste. 
They are shorter and more plump than the yellow Cavendish banana. They are one of 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die. I have tried them on one or two occasions in the past and have had a horrible experience with them, they have been under-ripe and the consistency of cardboard. Recently, given their inclusion in 1001, I decided to try them again. I have tasted a number of them over the course of several days as they got progressively riper. 
I find that I prefer yellow bananas, particularly yellow bananas that have just recently graduated from being green bananas. I am not fond of bananas with any darkness or over-ripeness in the flesh. The red bananas do have a stronger taste and a more dense texture.I prefer the lighter texture and and more mild flavor of the yellow banana. 
If there is a hint of strawberry or raspberry, it is very small and I didn't get the hint.  I can eat the reds, but I don't love them. Given a choice, I'll take a yellow. 

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