Monday, December 13, 2010

Grilled Beaver Leg

The other day I had had the leg of a beaver
and decided to cook it on our outdoor grill.
I wanted to get a true taste of it, not masked by other ingredients. So I rubbed on some olive oil, sprinkled it with sea salt, and put it on indirect heat on the grill (I had the two outside burners on high and it was over the two inside burners which were off).
It cooked up very dark and there was very little fat.
The meat seemed dense and heavy, but not particularly gamey.
The portions that did have some fat were best and a little stronger taste.
It had a texture almost like roast beef. Other than portions with some fat, the meat was kind of non-descript, not particularly great tasting, but not bad either. The next day when I ate some cold, it was much like cold dark meat on a turkey leg. The cut had a portion of the beaver spine
and part of a leg.
I would rate it as better tasting than some very lean, dry types of meat, like elk, antelope, pheasant and chukar, but not as good as moose, buffalo or lamb.


  1. "The other day I had the leg of a beaver . . ."
    Yeah, every blog has an entry that starts with that sentence.

  2. So where did you run across this leg of beaver?