Sunday, June 13, 2010

Leg of Lamb

Well, I have a trend going here: all things lamb. As indicated previously, Andrew wanted to prepare a lamb for his graduation party.
The party for his UCLA friends and family was to be held at his house in Santa Monica right after commencement. We had four legs of the lamb to use
and thought they would work well for the party. First, we used one leg of lamb and cut the meat off into about three pounds of cubes which Judy used to make lamb stew, the same recipe I have used previously which is fantabulous. It was a hit. I barbequed the other three legs on our outside grill, turning on the two outside burners and turning off the two inside burners. It turned out very well. We sprinkled the leg liberally with garlic salt
and the smoke of the grill did the rest, turning it into wonderful, tasty, juicy, legs of lamb.
We transported the cooked lamb in tin foil and a cooler to Santa Monica and after commencement, warmed it up in the oven.
The party was very fun. I got to meet the parents of a Lauren and Lexi, Andrew's best friends, below,
both of whom graduated along with Andrew (Lauren's commencement was the night before). It was a wonderful celebration.


  1. I must say that I was skeptical about The Lamb Plan, and perhaps just a bit resistant (okay, a bit more than a bit), but it was fabulous. It was definitely a meal (or two) to remember.

  2. This was my favorite. That lamb was so darn good! I could have eaten an entire leg all by myself. It had AMAZING flavor.