Friday, June 11, 2010

Lamb Liver

Andrew graduates from UCLA this weekend. Several months ago he told me that for a graduation present, he wanted to slaughter and cook a lamb for his graduation party. For context, Andrew has become very interested in growing and preparing his own food, along the lines of Omnivore's Dilemma. He forages wild plants, makes his own pickles, has become a mushroom expert and last summer raised a chicken and then had it for dinner at the end of the summer. Andrew named the chicken "Plumb" because he planned to eat it with plumb sauce. Gregg Palmer, a wonderful friend, said that he had a lamb available for us. So last night, Andrew and I showed up at Gregg's.
Andrew named the lamb "Crockpot." I think you catch the drift. Andrew showed some love and affection to the lamb for its sacrifice on our behalf
and then he proceeded to kill the lamb and dress it with some help and guidance from Gregg.
I also helped with the dressing. In our culture where we buy pre-made hamburger patties and chicken nuggets we tend to lose touch with where our food comes from. There is nothing like an experience like this to re-connect to food origins. As contradictory as it sounds, I think this experience enriched my feeling for the sanctity of life. We spotted the liver (the brown splotch in the center below) and specifically set it aside for eating last night.
Andrew dressed the liver up with some rosemary, garlic salt and olive oil and fried it with some onions.
It turned out to be the best liver I have ever eaten.
I qualify this by saying I'm not a big liver fan, although I have learned to eat it. This liver was the most mild liver I've ever eaten. In fact, Judy tried some and came back for seconds.
I'm sure part of it was how fresh it was and how it has been raised and fed. The liver was not over cooked and it went perfectly with the onions. The majority of the lamb, particularly the best cuts, will be served up for Andrew's graduation party.

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  1. Mmmmm, I love liver! I hope I have the opportunity to taste lamb liver someday!