Friday, May 7, 2010

Ghost Flower or Mojave Flower

The ghost flower or Mojave flower (Mohavea confertiflora)
is found in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts of southeastern California, southern Nevada and western Arizona.
It is relatively rare.
It was first catalogued along the Mojave River by John C. Fremont from which it gets its scientific name (Mohavea) and one of its common names (Mojave flower). It is found in washes and on rocky slopes below 2,500 feet. It has translucent cream to yellow flowers from which it gets its other comon name. 
that bloom from February to April.
It has pink to purple dots on the inside surface of five lobes which form a cup.
The lower petal has a reddish to purple spot with two yellow stamens curving up over it. It has long, hairy, light-green leaves.
It grows from 4 to 16 inches high.
The ones I found, in the Eagle Mountains in the southern part of Joshua Tree National Park, off the Hayfield Road exit of the I-10, were way toward the smaller end of the height scale and were cream rather than yellow.

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