Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lone Star Taqueria

I was in Salt Lake recently and while driving between my mother's and Provo, along the Belt Route, I stopped for a quick lunch at Lone Star Taqueria, located at 2265 Fort Union Blvd in Salt Lake (801-944-2300). I heard about it on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, although before I went I did not have a chance to review what menu items had been featured on the show. I was in a hurry, so I pulled up to the drive-thru window and did not have a chance to check out the inside or the menu. It definitely is a one of a kind restaurant with character. Just a look at the picture below, with the upside down boots on the railing. 
I told the person at the drive-thru window that it was my first time, and asked what I should order. She said, "definitely the fish tacos." I said, "what else," and she said, the "carne asada or pork tacos." So I got one of each. I did recall that they had good sauces so I asked her to make sure I got a good sampling. My one disappointment was that the tacos were all double corn tortillas. Judy says that is traditional Mexican. I just am not enamored with the corn tortillas. To me, they kind of absorb all the taste and mask the flavors within them. I much prefer a crispy corn or flour tortilla. That said, everything was very good. It has whetted my appetite to go back for some other menu items. Now, what I did order. First, the carne asada taco. There was plenty of filling and it was cooked and seasoned well. Other than the corn tortilla...
I tried the tacos with various types of salsas or sauces (I'm not sure that I should call them salsas because some were sweet and some kind of tangy/spicy). The sauces were very good and very different. The light green was particularly good, I would guess kind of a creamy cilantro. I figured it was for the fish and saved it for the fish taco and it was very good.
The pork taco was good as well, except for the corn tortilla...
Last, the fish taco. Apparently they use different kinds of fish: salmon, red snapper, etc. I'm not sure what kind I got, but it was good and there was plenty on it. It was with cabbage and tomato and the nice cilantro sauce added to it.
Now that I have read about it on-line, I need to go back and try a shrimp burrito and a fish burrito, among other things. Definitely a place to go back to, unlike my other recent Triple D forays in Salt Lake.

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  1. I had no idea that this place has been on DDD! I have been there several times--it's by Alene's old house. I LOVE the fish burrito--super good.