Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dried Octopus - Grilled

Another part of our recent Chinatown haul was some dried octopus. It really looked unappetizing.
In and out of the package, it looked like one octopus.

But then, it divided into two, or two and a little bit.

I put it in water in the refrigerator for 24 hours with the hope that it could turn it into something that looked much better.

Even with the yellow water, it would be hard to look much worse than it did dried.

It plumped up quote a bit, particularly the suction cups.

I coated both in olive oil, added a little salt and grilled them on our outdoor grill. The one below was cooked higher above the flame. It did not curl up as much, but it did not taste as good either. It had less of the smoky, barbeque taste.

The one below was cooked directly above the flame, curled up more, and did not look as good, but it had much more barbeque flavor and tasted better.

A different view of the same octopus.

I didn't love it, in fact, I probably would not cook it again (unlike the dried squid which I thought was quite good). I can eat octopus, but I still have not tasted any octopus that I really liked. For me, squid is still substantially better. Still, there is something wonderful about the look of octopus.


  1. Sounds like a delicious, Sunday afternoon type of meal. (Kidding--you're WAY more adventurous than I.) Does Judy eat this stuff too?

  2. Judy is actually pretty adventurous. She passed on the octopus, but she'll try most things. Bob