Saturday, September 26, 2009

Isaac Sine and Marist Football

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to travel to San Diego to see my nephew, Isaac Sine, play football. Below, Isaac, number 48, chats with a teammate on the sideline.

He plays for Marist, a private school in Poughkeepsie, New York, with a mascot that is the Red Fox. Marist was playing my law school alma mater, the University of San Diego (the Torreros).

Isaac, a freshman, plays special teams: kickoffs and punt coverage. He is also a reserve linebacker and hopes to get more play at that position next year.

Marist is in the Pioneer League which includes Butler (Indiana), Campbell (North Carolina), Davidson (North Carolina), Dayton (Ohio), Drake (Iowa), Jacksonville (Florida), Morehead State (Kentucky), Valparaiso (Indiana) and the University of San Diego. I was blown away to learn that this conference was so geographically large. What fun to get to travel to Florida and California, as well as North Carolina and the Midwest.

Isaac and the team arrived in San Diego on Thursday and got to visit Sea World and stay at the Marriott. Afterwards, we had a chance to go out to dinner and I noticed that the cute, young waitress was paying extra attention to our table. I would like to believe it was because of me, but I suspect it had something to do with the 6 foot 3 blonde hunk sitting with me in the booth.

Marist lost a very close game that was decided by a touchdown with about a minute left. Isaac has a scholarship to Marist and it sounds like it has great academics. What a great experience he has to travel and play football. I'm excited that we have a family member that plays football.

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