Saturday, September 12, 2009

Conveyor Belt Sushi

My last post described our visit to Tsukiji Fish Market and then to a small sushi bar right off the market where we enjoyed very high priced sushi. In contrast, this post gives the opposite side of the spectrum, a very cheap sushi bar, also located in Tokyo, which Rachael called conveyor belt sushi. The name was in Japanese, but I assume the term "conveyor belt" refers to a bar where individual sashimi pieces are placed on a small dish on a convery belt that rotates around the room.

As you see some sashimi you want to eat, you pull the plate off the belt. Each plate is individually priced and at the end, your bill consists of the sum of the prices on the plates you have selected. Again, this was all being transacted in Japanese (thankfully, Rachael spoke Japanese well enough to get us through this process).

If the pieces coming out were not what you wanted, you could request certain items and the sushi chefs in the middle would make them up for you.

For the most part, the kinds of sashimi we had was very similar in type and quality to what I have eaten in the U.S.

However, in contrast to the Tsukiji Fish Market, this was very cheap, even cheaper than similar sashimi in the U.S. We ended up paying about $11.00 per person and we came out stuffed.

It was not gourmet sashimi, but it was good, cheap and easy in and out.


  1. We loved visiting this restaurant with the Hutchings too! Great fun. I recently discovered there's a "conveyor belt" type place in SLC that we need to visit!

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