Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ostrich Egg-Centric Potato Salad

I had an extra ostrich egg and Judy and Rachael had not had a chance to taste my original ostrich egg potato salad. Further, when I did it before, the ostrich egg was cracked and leaked egg white into the boiling pot so that the hard-boiled ostrich egg was deformed. See So I decided to make it again. With an egg about a one-third the size of our cat, I had to make some adjustments to a normal potato salad recipe.

Peel and boil 15 potatoes until they are soft. Then cut the potatoes into very small pieces and put them in a large bowl (the bowl I used will contain 6 quarts). Two things I dislike in potato salad are large chunks of potato and potato that is not soft enough.
At the same time you are working on the potatoes and other ingredients, boil the ostrich egg for one hour and 15 minutes.

Let the ostrich egg cool for 15 minutes in cold water and then crack it open. I used a hammer and screwdriver.

Hard-boiling an ostrich egg is not the way to cook it if you want to preserve the shell!

This hard-boiled ostrich egg looked much better than my last one, but the yolk migrated to one side of the shell and left only a very small layer of cooked egg-white on one side.

You can see that there is a very large yolk. Chop the egg and add it to the bowl with the potatoes.

Then finely chop 5 stocks of celery and 6 bunches of green onions. These add a nice crunch. Also add two 3.8 ounce cans of sliced olives, 4 tablespoons of spicy brown mustard, 2 cups of sweet pickle relish, 1 tablespoon of garlic salt, 1 tablespoon of minced garlic, 4 cups of mayonnaise and additional salt and pepper to taste.

Mix it all together and you get a very large batch of wonderful egg-centric potato salad. As you can see, the batch nearly fills the entire bowl.

The potato salad is rather creamy, but with a crunch, and has a sweet taste to it. The olives add a nice flavor and texture and the chunks of egg-yolk are to die for (and if you eat too much of this calorie laden delight, you may).

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  1. And a final tip: Find about 50 people to share the potato salad with. It makes a lot.