Saturday, April 8, 2023

Blue-Headed Parrot

In my previous post on the brown-throated parakeet, I noted a walk with our guide, Fernando, down the road from Tinamu Reserve toward the main highway. Very near where we saw the brown-throated parakeet, Fernando also spotted a blue-headed parrot

A while later he spotted several more on the opposite side of the road, high up in a tree. The next day as we prepared to leave, about 8 or 10 blue-headed parrots roosted in a tree behind the kitchen, for a much better view for us, albeit in poor light. 

It is found in tropical and subtropical southern Central America and South America, from Costa Rica to Bolivia and Brazil. 
Blue-headed parrot range - from Wikipedia.

It is mostly green with a blue head, neck and upper breast, blackish ear coverts, some red speckling on the throat, yellowish on the wing coverts, red on the undertail coverts, some blue eding on feathers  and a black bill with reddish on both sides. 

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  1. Beautiful bird. I wonder if these are ever found in US zoos or pet shops?