Sunday, April 16, 2023

Black-Chested Jay

The black-chested jay is found in southeast Costa Rica, Panama, northern Colombia and northwestern Venezuela. 

It is a striking bird with a distinctive black head with a yellow eye and violet blue spots above, below and to the left of the eye. The upperparts and wings are mostly dark blue and the underparts are white as well as the tip of the tail. 
The black-chested jay at Montezuma Rainforest Lodge.

At Tinamu Reserve I saw one fly into a tree near the eating area and saw another one on a hike in the forest that I got some photos of. At Montezuma Rainforest Lodge one of the guides and owners, Diana Tapasco, has a pet black-chested jay that is three years old. We got an opportunity to look at it for quite awhile and I made several attempts to get it to go onto my arm and it let me know, by bobbing its head up and down, that it was not happy with my attempt. I went no further because Diana let me know that the bird has a wicked peck. In fact, she mentioned that her cousin left his laptop open in the house and the bird broke three keys from pecking at them.
Black-chested jay at Tinamu Reserve.

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  1. The beautiful pet bird at Tinamu and its obvious connection to Diana was a highlight.