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(1989): Northern Arizona and New Mexico 

(1989): Southern California 

(1989): Southern Arizona 

(1989): California, Nevada and Utah 

(1990): National Parks and Monuments in Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and New Mexico 

(1990): California and Arizona 

(1990): Utah 

(1991): Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument 

(1993): Hawaii 

(1995): Washington and British Columbia 

(1997): Mount Shasta 

(2002): Southern Utah Jeeping, Mitchell Caverns, Mt. San Gorgonio 

(2003): Pennsylvania, Ohio and Ontario 

(2003): New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania 

(2011): New Hampshire, Vermont, Quebec and Maine

(2012): Southern Texas

(2013): Florida

(2013): North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

(2013): West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia

(2014): Georgia, Alabama and Florida

(2014): South Dakota

(2014): Arkansas, Oklahoma and Northern Texas

(2015): Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri  

(2015): Minnesota and Wisconsin  

(2016): Delaware, New Jersey and New York

(2016): Alaska: By Land, By Air, and By Sea

(2017): The Caribbean: Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados

U.S. and Canada Travel Map



(1971 to 1972) European Vacation: Iceland, Luxembourge, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Monaco, France, England

(1999): Great Britain 

(2000)  Germany, France and Austria 

(2001 to 2002): Italy 

(2013) The Balkans - Eight Countries by Car: Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia

Europe Travel Map, Visas and Passport Stamps



(2014) East African Safari: Kenya and Tanzania

(2014) Ghana

(2015) Israel, Egypt and Jordan

(2016) Morocco

Africa Travel Map, Visas and Passport Stamps


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