Thursday, October 10, 2019

Travel - Artistic Photos

I recently decided to go through some of my photos and set aside some of my favorites into different categories. One category was artistic. I have very few in that category, largely because it is not the type of photo I'm usually looking for. Of those I do consider to be artistic, the vast majority are of the natural world. 

The only photo of a mountain is of the face of Mt. Russell, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.  It is in black and white and has fun shadows and lines. 
I have several of snow or ice. 
Portion of Margerie Glacier in Alaska.
Part of the Greenland ice cap outside of Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. I was surprised to see what almost looked like an industrial waste site. 
What I like about this photo is the grainy ice in the foreground. That was my biggest take-away from our visit to the Greenland ice cap, how incredibly grainy and crunchy the ice was. 
This is of a blue lake on the Greenland ice cap outside of Ilulissat, taken from a small plane. 
This is actually a color photo of a tree in the Chisos Basin of Big Bend NP in Texas. It was snowing a very heavy snow that was sticking to the leaves on the tree. It was very foggy and cold. A very beautiful setting. 
I have a couple of trees, in addition to the one above, both taken on the Curonian Spit in Kaliningrad. 
Moss on the trunk. 
A sea of straight spindly trees. 
I have several of sand dunes, which are great places for artistic photos (in addition to the sunset/sunrise photos that follow). 
I love the ripples in the sand in the Erg Chebbi Dunes of Morocco. 
From Great Sand Dunes NP in Colorado. A very different color and design. 
On a sand dune ridge in the Erg Chebbi Dunes.
Walking in the Erg Chebbi Dunes.
A Moroccan lamp in the Erg Chebbi Dunes.
Drinks and lamps in the Erg Chebbi Dunes.
Sunrises and sunsets. 
Sunset in the Erg Chebbi Dunes.
Basically the same photo in the Erg Chebbi Dunes, but a little later in the evening.
Same photo, a little later, after the sun has gone down. Beautiful reds reflecting off the clouds. 
Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico from Sanibel Island in Florida.
Sunset over Disko Bay near Ilulissat, Greenland. Here the sun never actually went down. 
Sunset in Organ Pipe Cactus NM in Southern Arizona.
On a more playful note, sunrise in the Erg Chebbi Dunes. I was taking photos near a group of people that were having some fun taking creative photos. 
The same group, but a little less playful. 
Finally, some photos of a less natural nature.
Judy in front of some wonderful doors in Meknes, Morocco.
Hot air balloon in Luxor, Egypt.
Balloons over Luxor. 
Looking at Jerusalem from the BYU Jerusalem Center. 
A stall of olives in the Jema el fna in Marrakech, Morocco. 
Ceramics in the Jema el fna of Marrakech.
Stained glass window looking through to a courtyard in Riad Larroussa, Fes, Morocco. 


  1. These are fabulous, and I'm honored to be in one of them. You are getting better and better in your photography.

  2. I'm a little embarrassed by some of them, but it is something I've just not thought about in my photography. The reason so many Morocco photos show up is that I was thinking about it, and getting up early and staying up late to take photos. Some of my later posts with other photo topics will be better.