Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Africa Travel Map, Visas and Passport Stamps

Our passports are getting full and we are getting ready to apply for new ones. I decided to take photos of the passport stamps and visas in my current passport for a record. Then I found a website, mapchart,  that does maps that you can fill in and label. So I've decided to map our travel activities and record the passport stamps and visas in a post. This first post is on Africa.
Africa: 5 countries so far. 
Our first visit to Africa was a safari to Kenya and Tanzania, set forth here.  It was primarily a vehicle safari and I fell in love with the animals and with Africa, itself, and determined to see more of it. 
Kenya visa. Our entry stamp into Nairobi is the bottom right and our exit at Isebania, going into Tanzania is bottom center. The entry stamp for Tanzania is below.
We exited Tanzania four days later to go back to and fly out of Kenya. 
Going back into Kenya at Namanga as we leave Tanzania.
Leaving Kenya at Jomo Kenyatt Int'l Airport to fly to Ghana. 
Our visa to Ghana and a red-stamp of our entry date.
An entry stamp into Ghana.
Our exit stamp from Ghana at Kotoka Airport.
The next year we visited Egypt, as well as Israel and Jordan (the report of that trip is here). Egypt was a very different experience than East Africa, amazing ancient culture and strong Biblical ties. 
This is the entry visa and also has an arrival and departure stamp. 
We arrived in Taba, near the Red Sea, at the border with Israel. We had a very long walk from the Israel exit buildings to the Egypt entrance buildings. 
A year later we were back to Africa again, this time to Morocco. We flew into and out of Casablanca. The report of our trip is here
Our entry stamp to Morocco.
Our exit stamp from Morocco. 
I'm hoping that this will not be the last of our Africa travels. 


  1. I love that every country has a distinct shape/font/style. Three cheers for originality! That map of Africa has a lot of unmarked countries. Just promise that we'll thrown in an occasional European or Asian adventure.

  2. That is a good idea, I need to take photos of our passport stamps.

  3. Shame your passport says TABA as you wont get into some Middle Eastern nations