Monday, August 9, 2010

Fried Frozen Frog

While at the Chinese market preparing for the "unusual" food dinner with my sister, Merilee, and her family, I found packages of whole frozen frogs, two to a package.
I couldn't pass them up. I added two packages to the shopping cart. Isaac, my sister's son, is a great sport and willing to try anything, so I assigned him the task of preparing the frogs for the skillet. The preparation and packaging was interesting. Much of the frog skin had been removed from the backside,
but part of the head and much of the belly skin was still intact.
The body had been breached, but the liver and some other organs still remained. These frogs seemed very similar to the live frogs Andrew and I purchased in Chinatown in Los Angeles earlier this year.
Isaac gamely pulled out the inner organs, cleaned off the skin, cut off the heads, coated them in flour and then we fried the frogs in olive oil.
They were easier to deal with than the live frogs, cheaper, and much closer to home, but I would still purchase live frogs if given a choice. That way you know they are fresh. We had so much food on our agenda that we did not do anything special to the frog other than coat it in flour and fry it. They tasted fine.
They are quite bland and will reflect whatever you use in cooking them. This way they are relatively easy and quick to prepare and they do help create a memorable meal.

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