Sunday, October 30, 2022

Oak Titmouse

In 1996 the American Ornithologist Union split the plain titmouse into two separate species, the oak titmouse and the juniper titmouse. They appear virtually identical (the oak titmouse has a browner back than the juniper titmouse), but differ in voice and range. It is mostly gray and has a crest or tuft on its head. It is extremely quick, moves around almost constantly and is very difficult to photograph. 

I got some relatively good photos yesterday at Big Morongo Canyon.


  1. I love its crest! It is like a brown blue jay. Do the oak and juniper classifications have anything to do with where they usually hang out?

  2. They are substantially smaller than a blue jay. I know the oak titmouse hangs out around oaks, so I suspect the juniper titmouse hangs out around junipers.