Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Yellow Crowned Bishop

The yellow crowned bishop is a spectacularly beautiful yellow and black bird native to Africa which has been introduced to other countries, including Portugal, and sticks out despite its small size. Because of its small size, and perhaps because of the color as well, I had a hard time getting a good clear photo despite seeing it quite a few times. 
The breeding male, which I saw in the Tagus River Estuary south of Lisbon, Portugal, is golden-yellow and black. The bill, lower face, throat, breast, belly and collar on the hind-neck are black. It has a golden yellow forehead, crown, nape, shoulder, rump and back. The wings and tail are brown and the feet and legs are pinkish brown. In non-breeding season the male looks like the female.  

This photo, and the next, were taken by our guide, using Judy's cell phone through a spotting scope. They turned out better than mine. 

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