Saturday, September 4, 2021

Yellow-Footed Gull

I looked up good birding spots near the Salton Sea and got a reference to the seawall which is found at the intersection of Lack Road and Grubel Road southwest of the Sonny Bono NWR visitor center. Lack and Grubel are dirt roads and Lack, which runs north/south, sits atop a wall of dirt and rock right at the edge of the Salton sea. At the intersection of Lack and Grubel a canal empties a small amount of water into the Salton Sea and the area attracts a lot of birds. 
I saw a new gull (for me) this morning, a beautiful yellow-footed gull, which looks much like a western gull, but has yellow feet. It is endemic to the Gulf of California in Mexico and is generally non-migratory, but Wikipedia notes that increasing numbers have been visiting the Salton Sea during non-breeding periods.  

Eating a fish in the Salton Sea.

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