Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Travel - People Photos

I am horrible at people photos. I am generally uncomfortable taking pictures of people I don't know and when I am looking for photos, it usually involves wildlife, food or churches. However, I have taken a few people photos I really like and share those.
This Muslim woman herding goats on the Black Desert near the Erg Chebbi Dunes of Morocco, not too far from Algeria, looks back at me through her niqab. I would love to know her story. A tough life in a harsh land. 
Not too far away from the goat herding woman above, this woman is in her tent on the Black Desert of Morocco, also in a niqab (the face is more covered than with a hijab, but less covered than a burka). Chicken is drying on a line hanging below her roof. 
This coppersmith works on a plate in his shop in the little village of Lahic, Azerbaijan. 
The man standing in the makoro ahead of me is one of our guides in Botswana. Judy sits ahead of him in the bow of the makoro. 
This man, in Marrakech, Morocco, is feeding charcoal into a furnace which is heating water in a bathhouse. A horribly hot job. 
This Mexican man in Boquillas Canyon in Big Bend NP in Texas, has crossed the Rio Grande on his horse illegally to sell trinkets to tourists on the U.S. side of the border. It was during a government shutdown and the border crossing near here was closed. I was walking off the trail and spotted his horse and him coming toward me. I offered him $10.00 to sit on his horse so that I could take his picture. 
This photo was actually taken by my partner, John, at Carnivore, the restaurant, in Nairobi, Kenya. I love the waiter carving a roast with a huge knife. 
From here, the photos aren't as good, or they are of family, which is very different. 
This was our guide on a walking safari in Hwange NP in Zimbabwe. Not a great photo, but it does have significance to me as a very fun adventure I'd looked forward to for some time. Notice he is carrying a rifle. 
Our guide, Sanjay (yellow shirt) in Minneriya NP, Sri Lanka. 
A woman in the Samburu Tribe in northern Kenya. She had actually moved away from the tribe, with their stick huts and dirt floors, but had come back to visit. She was beautifully dressed in native costume. 
Our beautiful and soft-spoken guide, Orlando (the middle woman), in Dunhuang, China. She took us to this outdoor restaurant in the market for dinner. The night before she took us to a restaurant that served donkey meat and camel hump. 
Judy with our guide, Hassan, inside our luxury dining tent in the Erg Chebbi Dunes of Morocco. 
Judy with a salesperson at a shop in Ouarzazate, Morocco. He was one of the most friendly, distinctive people, we met. Of course we purchased some jewelry from him.
Our son, Andrew, with a Barbary macaque on his shoulder in Gibralter. 
Judy, framed in a window in a madrassa in Fez, Morocco. Isn't she beautiful?
Judy in Hezekiah's Tunnel in Jerusalem. 
Judy going down into an underground stable at Beit Lehi, an archaeological dig in Israel. 
Judy holding a northern pig-tailed macaque outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Judy holding a vervet monkey on the Island of St. Kitts, in the Caribbean. 


  1. Nice photos but in the last two photos I think both Aunt Judy and the monkeys both looked nervous.

  2. My favorite photo of Andrew ever is that one of the monkey on his head. I loved holding those monkeys. I can't wait to do it again in future travels!