Sunday, September 8, 2019

El Rey Del Cabrito - Monterrey, Mexico

While in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, my nephew, John, and I ate at El Rey Del Cabrito, which translated means "king of the kid (young) goat." John indicated that Monterrey is known for its roasted goat and that this restaurant is known throughout Mexico. 
The owner is certainly a promoter, there are signs everywhere. I didn't understand the significance of the crown on the signs until I saw the goats roasting in the front window. I then recognized that the crown has roasting goats on it. When I was taking photos at the front, one of the employees waived me inside where the goats were roasting and let me take a picture right next to them.  

Cabrito al pastor is young goat roasted on a spit over open coals (often mesquite wood). 

Later, I recognized the owner from his photo on the menu talking to one of the patrons. 

Our table came stocked with tortilla chips and two types of salsa. I ordered some broiled cheese with chorizo which was fantastic, both by itself and when added as an ingredient to a taco. They also had other taco ingredients, including a plate with some shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onion and chiles, as well as a plate of beans. 
Chips and salsas.

Fabulous broiled cheese with chorizo.
John ordered the goat. He got some goat breast, leg, shoulder and a head from which I tried the tongue, brain, eye and cheek meat. 

An eyeball.
The brain.

The breast was best, covered by the crispy skin which the marinade made very flavorful. It was wonderful by itself, as well as added to a taco. 

I've eaten goat many times, but nothing like this. I wish Judy could have been with us. She loves goat, and this was goat at its best. This was a memorable meal, one of my favorites ever. The fact that it is all goat, unabashedly so, with goat carcasses roasting in the window and plates stacked with goat at every table, made for a fun atmosphere. Then the goat, itself, was incredibly good. I find myself wanting to go there again. 


  1. Best goat meat ever. Due to it’s hype I have to say I was a bit skeptical and furthermore when I saw all the crazy advertising and atmosphere I was a bit worried. There is however a reason everyone in Mexico knows about this place and it is not the advertising, it is the goat meat hands down, everything else is a bonus.

  2. Wow, that looks amazing! When are you going to take me there?