Saturday, April 13, 2019

Highland Toque Macaque

The highland toque macaque, or hill zone toque macaque, is the third of the three subspecies of toque macaque endemic to Sri Lanka. They are found in the hill country of Sri Lanka which is a higher elevation and much cooler. As a result, it has longer and thicker hair and is a darker brown color. It also has relatively shorter limbs and tail. 
This photo conveys the best evidence of the longer and thicker fur and the darker brown color. The "hat" hair on this guy is downright shaggy. 
A youngster, sitting on one of the statues.
A view of the "hat" hair.
We only saw a few of this subspecies, just outside Nuwara Eliya, at a hindu temple above a small stream. One monkey perched on some of the statues, then multiple monkeys made their way down the hill to the stream, crossed it, and went up the other side of the hill. One of the people at the temple told us that this was a daily routine, late each afternoon. 
On a rock in the stream below the temple. 

On the other side of the stream and part way up the hill. 

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  1. When we saw these, I had no idea they were different from the other macaques. It's fun learning what distinguishes the different kinds of macaques.