Saturday, January 26, 2019

Bradfield's Hornbill

Judy just did a post on Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and posted the photo of a Bradfield's hornbill. I did not have such a photo and had her send it to me. We were in the same vehicle, taking pictures of the same animals, so I saw it, I just didn't get a photo of it. We saw lots of hornbills that day and I was having trouble getting my camera to focus on them. That particular bird was obviously one that my camera was giving me problems on. I love the hornbills and I am very excited to add another sighting and photograph to my collection.
Bradfield's hornbill has a relatively small distribution - it is only found in northern Botswana, northeastern Namibia, southeastern Angola, a very small portion of southern Zambia and a very small sliver of western Zimbabwe, which is where we saw it. It is "uncommon" where it is found.
It is pale brown with a white belly and a white tip of tail. It has a black back and wings,  the eyes are yellow, the beak is red and has no casque. Females are smaller than males and have turqoise facial skin.

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  1. This bird almost looks like a cartoon animal, especially close up.